There is no greater feeling than being apart of such a welcoming and supportive community. Having a regular yoga practice is personal and expressive and being a yoga instructor is so fulfilling. I feel truly privileged to help guide others in their practice and to get to know each student better and call them friends!

Find some cherished testimonials from my students below - and thank you to all that have shared one!

David Ames

I love X's classes - at the end I always feel stopped and quiet inside in a way I rarely experience. It seems like others are too - no one wants to move for a while as we bask in the stillness. What a gift!

Milena Giacchi

I had one of the most relaxing, spiritual yoga experience today at your place. Thank you so much!

Beth Ann Hughes

X has this amazingly cool and collected energy about her and her yoga style that not only makes you immediately feel comfortable but encourages you to work to your fullest potential. From the atmosphere, music, to her unique flow and visible passion X creates a yoga class that you can't help but make apart of your regular yoga regime. Namaste to a great teacher!

Corrine Bordua

X is a fantastic instructor. Not only does she guide the class, she creates such an energized, but soothing atmosphere as well. It was unlike any other class I have taken, and I LOVED it! I have attended multiple classes now, and can't wait to take more. I always leave feeling confident, and proud of what we accomplished in class, and relaxed after being surrounded by such wonderful energy.

Stephanie Romano

X is phenomenal! I always leave her classes feeling refreshed and accomplished. Between the soft music, light scents, and dim lighting, she creates a very warm and relaxing environment. Whether you're big into exercise or not at all, I would recommend her class. You'll get the best of both worlds between a nice work out and complete relaxation, and will leave her class feeling rejuvenated!

Brooke Petit

I am a new yoga student with a practice about 4 months old, but during this time I have tried to explore as many different studios and teachers as possible- Alexandra (X) is one of my favorites. Ending Tuesday and Thursday with X's class in Hartford is the perfect activity to keep me motivated during the week. I love the layout of X's class because they incorporate poses I love in unusual ways. For example, poses in X's class often involve hamstring stretches that require balance. I could always use another hamstring stretch but the way X has incorporated them push me to work out other parts of my body simultaneously, thus I stay present in the moment and grow in unexpected ways. Beginning class with the singing bowl is awesome but ending with massage, beautiful chanting, and meditation is the icing on top.

Barbara Carvache

X's classes always strike the perfect balance between a good workout and a peaceful yoga experience. After having been away from yoga for a bit, I was pleasantly surprised to have all my senses engaged. The singing bowl, subtle scented aromas, subdued lighting, music, chanting, and invigorating vinyasa flows are unlike any class I've ever taken. Simply amazing!!

Derek Lata

Alexandra's class was my first time doing yoga, but I must say I was impressed. Her class can be for beginners to experts, and males to females because she makes everyone feel as an equal no matter the skill level. If you are an athlete looking to increase flexibility for improved performance like I was, I would highly recommend her class. It is a great workout and you will leave feeling extremely relaxed. Be prepared for more than a class, it's a complete yoga experience!

Kat Parker

X's practices show that Yoga is more than just a class, it's a community. Her cool and collected manner transfers to her teachings, making you feel like you've just entered her living room. With soothing scents, relaxing head massages, singing bowls, chanting and, of course, an effective workout, her classes embrace students with ALL aspects of Yoga. The perfect end to any day; an evening with friends.


❉ "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
- Mahatma Gandhi ❉