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Serving Yourself First

Teaching Yoga in Bushnell Park
June 15, 2016
Honoring Winter and the New Year
January 2, 2017

June 22nd, 2016

I have a bad habit of being too much of a people pleaser at times.

Though I am confident, sometimes I find that I give up some of me to try and accommodate someone else’s happiness. This is counterproductive. I would never ask someone to sacrifice their joys for mine… Why do I do that to myself?

Today I remind myself that I once caved and was sad for too long. I promised myself I would always stay true to my heart and my desires. Surround myself with those that push me forward. I am so grateful to have a partner that has faith in me, is unbelievably supportive and kind, and is my number one fan. (No worries – I’m totally obsessed with him also.) I’m so grateful to have a family that is so close and fun to be with. I am so grateful for my ever-faithful companion, Leia who brings me such a full heart daily. (And is a sweet yoga buddy!) I will continue to do all that keeps me full, keeps me focused, keeps me grateful. I will continue to move forward and live out my dreams. May you all serve and be served my friends! 🙌🏽




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