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Being Present In Your Practice
February 19, 2016
Teaching Yoga in Bushnell Park
June 15, 2016

March 6th, 2016


Are you pursuing your passion to the fullest?
Are you waiting for something good to happen or are you chasing down your success?

Your practice will not deepen without consistent hard work and effort. Pushing yourself a little more passed your comfort zone each time. Stretching a little deeper. These moments of extra effort, in time, become the norm, and then you must push deeper. You must deeply and tenderly serve yourself. Listen to what your body needs and maneuver to give it fulfillment.


Are you doing the same off the mat?
Are you doing the same with your soul?

The Universe is there to help you. Ask for what you need and most importantly, show that you are ready to receive it. Push your limits more and more. Work hard to uncover who you are underneath all the layers of waiting, hoping, and wishing. Be someone who does. We all crave success. To be a better parent, spouse, leader, server, creator. No matter what, never stop doing. Never stop serving others but also serving yourself. Never stop giving gratitude. Never stop going for what you truly want.

Here’s to a great Wednesday friends! I wish for you all nothing but EVERYTHING you desire! 🙏🏽




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