January 3, 2017

BTP: Trikonāsana; Triangle Pose

(utthita) trikonāsana - An engaging and strengthening pose honoring the power of triangles and "three" expressed in many different ways; mind + body + spirit; the goddess Sri Lalita and the beauty of her three worlds; heaven + earth + atmosphere - and many others...
June 15, 2016

Teaching Yoga in Bushnell Park

These are the moments I live for. This is why I teach. The love and community yoga has brought to my life. After teaching to 80+ people in the park...
February 19, 2016

Being Present In Your Practice

This photo is from this past summer and it inspires me. I am reminded of how far I had come then, and am excited about how far I have come since then - both in my practice and in my career moves.