February 19, 2016

Being Present In Your Practice

This photo is from this past summer and it inspires me. I am reminded of how far I had come then, and am excited about how far I have come since then - both in my practice and in my career moves.
January 27, 2016

Create Your Serenity

I used to wish people were different and all I had was anxiety. Now it is ME who is different and I have much peace. I no longer worry about others actions with harsh judgment but with more acceptance.
January 18, 2016

Allow Yourself to Be

So often we find ourselves at a "crossroads" that we create. We think about: quitting a job, leaving a relationship, past regrets we keep repeating, wishing to take that trip, starting our own business, going back to school, "I wish I had time to do that..."
January 7, 2016

Working on Self Happiness

I pretended to be happy for far too long until it finally caught up with me. Then I was too tired to try. I will be forever thankful for my exhaustion because it is with that exhaustion that I stopped pretending...
January 2, 2016

Dealing with my Past

These past two days were fantastic. Lots of laughs and self-reflection, life revelations and peace of mind. But last night I struggled to force myself awake from a terrible nightmare...