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January 2, 2017
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June 19, 2017

January 3rd, 2017

Behind the Pose: Trikonāsana; Triangle Pose
▽(utthita) trikonāsana △
(Extended) Triangle Pose

tri • three
kona • angle


Welcome to the first installment of Behind the Pose where I break down each asana in it’s alignment, it’s physical benefits, and it’s philosophical use.


An engaging and strengthening pose honoring the power of triangles and “three” expressed in many different ways; mind + body + spirit; the goddess Sri Lalita and the beauty of her three worlds; heaven + earth + atmosphere – and many others.


The sri yanta, a geometrical tantric yoga diagram, features a web of triangles. These triangles represent a womb of creation or a symbol of the birth of the cosmos. Triangles facing up are said to be masculine and a symbol of elevating to a higher level of consciousness and spirituality, while triangles pointing down are feminine, grounding and rooted to the creation of life on earth. In the sri yanta, both triangle forms merge together for the union of masculine and feminine as well as the spiritual and the material.


When in trikonāsana, we honor this union through our own creation. Our gaze is upwards and we are continually reaching towards the transcendental while our feet are firmly planted and active. We also create two triangles – one with the arm, leg and torso (pointing down ▽), and the other with both legs and the earth (pointing up △).


Spiritual Use

Find this pose when seeking balance, when looking for greater consciousness but maintaining stability, when wanting to take risks but proceeding with intellect and caution.


Practice the Pose

To practice, try against a wall for starters to create the seamless lines and “flatness” of this pose or use a block under the lower arm. The legs should be strong and extended and the back bends laterally (keep the shoulders in line). Use this pose in lieu of forward bends when dealing with lower back pain but still wanting to have the hamstrings stretched. As with any pose, take at your own pace, be patient and loving of your body, and BREATHE.




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